A Review of D.V. Berkom’s ‘The Body Market’

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With its ripped from the headlines authenticity, D.V. Berkom’s The Body Market is an exercise in suspense. Nearly right from the first page, Berkom’s well-rounded protagonist Leine Basso is a take charge kind of person and won’t take no for an answer, which proves to be particularly helpful to the parents of a missing girl who enlist Basso to search for their daughter.

Without missing a beat, Berkom brings the reader into the abrasive underworld of human trafficking, detailing every scene with a true author’s style of wit and bravado. Berkom’s talent for depicting scenes where the search for missing Elise Bennett enrapture the reader, forcing us to fundamentally join in the quest of hopefully finding the young girl alive.

The Body Market

After reading The Body Market, I feel as though I visited the landscapes written about so succinctly. I can nearly cross Tijuana from the bucket list. Berkom is obviously well versed and adept at creating tense yet realistic situations that almost too realistically place the reader in uncomfortable scenes.

Bekrom bravely tackles subject matters, in particular human trafficking and organ trafficking, all the while supporting the fast-paced narrative with realistic characters and dynamic environments. I look forward to what Bekrom has Basso do next. Let’s get this one made into a movie…stat!


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