Walk This Way: A Review of Peter Bailey’s “Walk in the Flesh”

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There is not one minute allowed for the reader to get comfortable with the complicated plot in Peter Bailey’s thriller “Walk in The Flesh.” Soon after the readers first introduction to Neil, the novel’s protagonist, Bailey begins to unravel a hastily-paced and original literary domain unique to this genre.

The novel is clearly an indisputable satire of the prevalence of technology and its capacity to essentially ruin lives. However, what Bailey does so interestingly in his richly detailed and realistic dialogue is he allows the construct of Science to have a conscience. This refreshing take on the oft-depicted malevolence of the scientific realm is what drives Neil’s journey to survive in a world of terrorism.

Walk in the Flesh by Peter Bailey cover

The elements that comprise the plot in “Walk in the Flesh” have been intrinsic to the thriller genre since its inception. Intrigue, retribution, governmental indecency – it’s all been written about before. Thrillers are not necessarily read for their innovative story construction, but instead for their style and capacity to surprise the reader. This, in my opinion, is what Bailey manages to do so well.

Neil is created to become sciences’ perfect specimen once his own wife is murdered by terrorists. This built-in and personal vendetta to combat terrorism allows Neil to show his skill at killing without remorse. He becomes so successful on his missions that those same scientists that created him begin to understand that while Neil has indeed become their ideal model, he is also extremely dangerous… and messy. They then begin to question the possible havoc that Neil could cause, and how that havoc is intrinsic to their own selfish motivations.

It is indeed Neil’s lack of tidiness that propels the plot to include several secondary characters who attempt to dismantle the government’s development of such ‘super men.’ With the introduction of additional characters comes opportunities for Bailey to showcase his talent at crafting dialogue and illustrating various kinds of character motivation. It’s a chance for all readers to become even more involved in a story that is so much more than science and terrorism, but instead about the quest for redemption.

“Walk in the Flesh” is available now at all fine book retailers.


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