A Sampling of Some of The Works of Scott Kaelen

Book Reviews

Author Scott Kaelen is unique, to say the very least. His narrative style is unlike one I’ve read before. His tendency to relay strangely human condition type situations in science fiction worlds cements his undeniable talents as a writer.

“Bleak ’93,” a short story, is a revelation. The story itself is transcendental and brave in its sheer veracity of authenticity. Though the subject matter can be described as, well, Bleak, Kaelen’s propensity for original storytelling is prevalent. Not for the faint of heart, but certainly for the strong of mind.

Bleak '93

“The Hyperverse Accord,” another short story, is other worldly. The hero is really an anti-hero: his existence is mired in defiance of societal norms but also revelled by the disenfranchised. The story is about survival and the power of camaraderie, a central theme in Kaelen’s works.

The Hyperverse Accord

“From Grains to Galaxies,” a collection of short stories, is truly the culmination of Kaelen’s talents and abilities as an author. He purposely acts as an omniscient narrator in the tales of the power of dreams, the definition of humanity, and the sternness of survival.

Grains to Galaxies

I’ll be the first to admit that it is an extremely difficult task to write words that are meant to impact the easily impressionable reader. Kaelen manages to effectively employ imagery and weave themes that comprise popular literary fiction and make them timeless and relevant. I’m very eager to read what else he has planned.


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