5 Ways to Organize Your Desk

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Having a clean desk is an essential part of killing it in the workplace. Sure, some creative geniuses thrive in chaos, amid piles of papers, stacks of books, and even last night’s congealed takeout. But let’s be honest—a messy cubicle isn’t going to impress the boss. Having an organized space can also help spark productivity (i.e. you won’t have to waste precious time digging for your iPhone under the clutter). So, we turned to expert organizer Jennifer Ford Berry, best-selling author of the Organize Now!, for her best workspace makeover secrets:

1. Follow the “essentials only” rule.

Keep the items you need to get your job done within arm’s reach—and only those items. Desks get cluttered when storage space isn’t utilized and the top is filled with too many photos of your pets. Make sure your daily use items—laptop, project folders, writing utensils, and so on—get prime…

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