A Roller Figure Skating Story

Live Events

Last night, we ventured into the Pan Am Games mania at Exhibition Place in Toronto. Littered with Canadian flags and enormous lawn chairs, the grounds were clean and easy to navigate. It was a warm night in Toronto so sweat was on the brow of most people, but considerably more so for those participating in the many concurrent competitions that were underway.

I had never heard of Roller Figure Skating as a competitive sport prior to the release of the Pan Am 2015 Games schedule released way back in September 2014. Obviously intrigued at the idea of seeing the allure of figure skating on roller skates was enough for me to pick up tix right away.


The location itself of the competitions were nothing to write home about. In fact, it was smaller than I would have imagined. It was indeed a general seating area but we scored some awesome spots with a clear view of the skaters. 8 competitors in each of both the Women’s and Men’s free skate, the event was truly entertaining. Replete with fancy, shiny, and fringe-y outfits, the skaters were light on their feet and FAST. Sure, there were some tumbles but on the whole each routine was clean and a pleasure to watch.


The best part? Courtney Donovan of the US. She was a woman on a mission on that rink. She moved impossibly fast, which made her stumbles that much more difficult to behold. But boy was she a sight to see!


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