9 French Photographers You Need to Follow

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The relationship between France and photography has been a strong one, dating back to when Nicéphore Niépce first invented the medium in the 1820s. That relationship produced prestigious photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Guy Bourdin, André Kertész, Marc Riboud and Raymond Depardon, among many others. It also attracted many others—like William Klein, Brassai and Robert Capa—to call France their adopted home.

There was a time when Paris was the center of the photographic business, with most photo agencies operating out of the French capital. (Magnum Photos, for example, was founded there in 1947.) Today, New York, London and Los Angeles compete with Paris for the title. But France’s unconditional love of photography endures. As the country celebrates Bastille Day, TIME presents its choice of the most exciting French photographers working today.

William Daniels
For the past 18 months, William Daniels has dedicated most of his time to…

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