A Merry Fairy Tale: A Review of Martin B. Flores “10”

Book Reviews

A collection of 10 short stories (hence the title, get it?), author Martin B. Flores attempts to combine the moral-laden fairy tales of childhood with a certain sense of modernity. This combination is successful in that the stories will hold the interest of the younger readers, but as an adult reviewer, there were components that I felt were particularly resonant.


Like many popular fairy tales of new and old, Flores’ tales are literally short and sweet. They follow typical structures that make fairly tales so timeless; decisions need to be made, lessons to be learned, truths to be discovered, etc. It was genuinely a welcoming experience to be able to read something at face value that was not trying to subvert the reader’s experience or to try to be the next great novel. The reticent nostalgia that is contained in each of these stories (especially the self-reflective and haunting The King Against Himself) will entertain every reader, particularly due to the short length of each tale.

All in all a good, quick read.


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