A Review of “The Ring of Khaoriphea”

Book Reviews

If I had to choose one word to describe Malay Upadhyay’s “Kalki Evian – The Ring of Khaoriphea” it would be ambitious. As we all know, ambition can either be successfully achieved or can fail miserably – but it’s the journey towards its attainment that is the most interesting.

Heavily ensconced in Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy plot conventions, “Ring” contains themes that are profound and timeless. The author has a keen sense of the importance of cause and effect as a central pattern in all life forms. What you put out there is what you get back. This notion is what befalls the central characters in the novel that must discover for themselves that righting one’s wrongs does not necessarily equate to a different end result.


I enjoyed the novel being set in a period Europe, however, what period is not exactly clear. The author is a wordsmith. He is clever and intriguing with his selection of contentions. However, the novel is a bit overly ambitious. Now you all know I’m not one to focus upon what is wrong with a book as all art is unique and inherently good, but I was just a bit overwhelmed with the author’s decision to include various multi-timed plot that was slightly confusing to me at times. Fortunately, the fundamental imagination that the author brings to the genre cannot be denied.


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