Did Trainwreck Shooter Purposefully Target a Feminist Movie?

Random Musings

The answer is no.


Police investigators are still trying to determine the motive behind John Russell “Rusty” Houser’s shooting rampage at the Grand Theatre in Lafayette, Louisiana. On Sunday, Louisiana State Police Colonel Michael Edmonson said Houser had written down the date, time, location and movie title for the Trainwreck screening in his journal, indicating the shooting was pre-meditated.

As details of Houser’s troubled history with the women in his life emerge — including protective orders filed against him by both his daughter and estranged wife, and multiple television appearances filled with anti-women rhetoric — there has been increasing speculation that the man was, in many respects, a misogynist. As such, questions have been raised about whether he intentionally targeted Trainwreck, a movie about a sexually empowered woman, written by and starring proud feminist Amy Schumer.

Houser vocalized his anti-feminist views about women in the workplace and abortion in frequent appearances on a…

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