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The speculative fiction genre is a sneaky one. It tends to coalesce the ever-popular Science Fiction genre with fantasy and horror, often with an end result like a weird fusion of Star Trek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  New novelist Donald McEwing takes this all-encompassing genre and spins it to meet his own literary agenda as illustrated in his work Nouveau Haitiah.

The novel itself acts as a cerebral massage; though containing characters that have popped up in literature over time, they are bold and original in their intents and overarching plans. The main characters in “Haitiah” are a motley crew of sorts in terms of literary themes. There’s the strong heroine, the sucker who wants to stay young forever, and the witch. Each of the aforementioned jointly embark on the sordid quest of historical preservation and ultimate redemption. Along the way of these concurrent quests, McEwing masterfully documents the existence of an organic, exciting, and exotic world that is described in ways that enable the reader to envision its existence.

Nouveau Haitiah

At its core, Nouveau Haitiah is a deftly visual work. McEwing pulls in the reader with his skillful style of depicting plots and situations that are strangely accessible and profound. It’s a thoroughly original and unique work, and McEwing stays true to his overall vision to depict a world that must experience tumult and revolution in order to find its true purpose. Can a book be an experience in all senses? If not, then Nouveau Haitiah comes extremely close.


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