A Review of Jaroslav Tucek’s “The Libertarian”

Book Reviews

Pulling a 180 from the majority of works I’m asked to review, I couldn’t help but say yes to Jaroslav Tucek’s proposal to read his ambitious and intellectual The Libertarian. Typical adult fiction this is certainly not.

At a relatively short 106 pages in length, Tucek’s piece is by no means a quick read. It is so steeped within political theory and the existential components of human relationships that it reads more as a philosophical discourse vs. fiction. I’m not saying this is a bad thing by any means, but it’s certainly something the reader should be aware of before committing to read Tucek’s carefully selected words and statements about the machinations that govern our world, for better or worse.


Luca Segreti is our tumultuous and conflicted protagonist. His outright refusal to contribute to the output of a world where he feels he is treated as though he was an indentured servant clearly sets him up for some unsavory situations. However, with his struggles, he meets salvation through the guise of an intriguing woman whom he is taken by.

Part treatise on ideal human existence, part internal monologue, The Libertarian is one ambitious piece and statement on what it means to be free, and what it takes to get there. This is just my take on it – I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed the mark entirely but hey, that’s how it goes.


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