A Review of the Dystopian “Envenom” by Jay Chris

Book Reviews

I love me a good dystopian young adult story. Perhaps it is because they were not that prevalent back yonder when I was a teen, or perhaps it’s because they are truly a vessel to present the reader with clever commentaries on world governance. Whatever it is, I found Jay Chris’ tightly plotted Envenom to be a welcome addition to the growing genre.


The book presents a world where a deadly virus has brought society to disorder and hostility. Oh nothing good comes of those deadly, incurable viruses, does it? As a result of this chaos, The Crusader quickly rises to power for not only his charisma and strong leadership, but because he has conducted a social experiment where he allows a few smaller cities evolve in order to build his new society. Utterly self-serving, but guised as something that must occur for the greater good. These smaller cities are not to communicate with one another.

Kelvin, however, a dweller in one of these small cities, is called upon by The General and is joined by a motley crue of seemingly super ordinary characters to complete a rather dire request. What transpires is a tale of intrigue, thrills, and most importantly, entertainment.


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