A Review of Brandon Tackett’s “Fool’s Journey”

Book Reviews
Harkening back to the days of when serial radio shows were the standard of entertainment, Brandon Tackett’s Fool’s Journey acts as a throwback to when imagination was encouraged instead of provided. While it’s certainly easier to reiterate the repetition of formulas that comprise much urban fantasy fiction of today, only a true author, in my humble opinion, can provoke the reader to imaginatively conjure up a story for themselves.
The short story itself is succinct and effective in it’s purpose. Our psychic protagonist, Kassidy Hawthorn, is simple in her motivation. She wants to catch the killer who is seemingly murdering women who look like Kassidy. Straightforward, right? However, as her journey unfolds, Kassidy finds herself entangles with otherworldly entities. It’s the perfect fusion of reality and the magical.
A build-up to future episodes in the series, Fool’s Journey is wry and smart. Like some of my favorite works, there’s a constant internal monologue within the protagonists mind, demonstrating Kassidy’s tenacity for attaining her goal. Replete with characters whom I’m sure will figure prominently in future installments, Fool’s Journey is a promising start to a new, creative series by Mr. Brandon Tackett.

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