Nobody Wants to Date You Because You’re a Dog! A Dog!

Film, It Makes Me Feel Better

It just struck me earlier this evening that I have not posted anything about my guiltiest of all guilty pleasure in the universe of guilt….Teen Witch!

Please tell me you’ve seen it. If you haven’t, I’m sure you can find it on YouTube or whatever fine viewing sites one uses these days.

It’s the perfect story of girl likes boy, girl finds out she’s a witch and puts a spell to make boy like her, and girl finds out true love is better than what magic can cast. No – It’s not a spoiler. It’s a fantastic film with annoying little brothers, nerdy best friends, very blonde popular girls, and the amazing Zelda Rubenstein as a psychic.

And meet the newest phrase that will be introduced to your vocabulary starting right now –  Top That!

But the best part? The soundtrack. I guarantee you that you will have “Never Gonna Be The Same Again” in your head for months. It’s the movie that keeps on giving…


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