A Review of Emily Clarke’s “Fallen”

Book Reviews

Now this is what I’m talking about.

Emily Clarke’s Fallen is a short and effective take on teenage romance with ambitious goals that does not fail to live up to its intentions. The protagonist here, Julie Anderson, goes beyond the personification of a real teenager. Depicted as an already semi-morose person, things only get worse for Julie as she has to leave all that she’s ever known when her father gets a new gig in Texas. All of this pre-sadness is of course the perfect catalyst to the tumult of the relationship Julie soon finds herself in with the very conflicted fallen angel, Nick Landers.


Finding Nick appears to be the blessing in disguise for Julie regarding the whole the move to Texas thing. He’s unlike any other boy she’s met before (naturally – he’s a Fallen Angel) and seems to be very smitten with plain old Julie. What our titular character does not know is that Nick has taken that pesky oath to never fall in love with a human. We’ve all been there, am I right?

Julie finds herself drawn to Nick’s seemingly inexplicable behaviors. Hot and cold does not being to describe his portrayal. Clarke shines in her chemistry-laden dialogue between the two characters, much more strongly written than the other plot points in the book. The two are believable and in love and, of course, complicated. It’s catnip for lovers of the genre.

While the book could certainly use some more fine editing, the guts of a good story is well presented here and I’d like to read more that Emily Clarke has to provide us voracious readers.


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