Feeling Sad Turns Your World Gray—Literally

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The world seems dreary, gloomy and gray when you’re feeling blue. In fact, being down in the dumps might even affect how you perceive the color blue.

A recent study published in the journal Psychological Science shows a direct connection between a person’s ability to perceive color and their emotions.

“Color is such an important part of our experience,” says lead author Christopher Thorstenson, a psychology professor at the University of Rochester. There’s a reason, he says, that common descriptive phrases of the world include “colorless,” “gray,” and “feeling blue” by sad people, and “bright” and “colorful” by happier folks.

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Psychologists have long known that emotions have a direct influence on what is called “low-level visual processes,” or simple perceptions of space and form. That’s because your visual processes require some chemical input from your brain that…

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