A Review of Scott Mackey’s “Courage Resurrected: A Ray Courage Mystery”

Book Reviews

God, I love a good thriller.

Scott Mackey’s Courage Resurrected: Courage Resurrected, is the third in his Ray Courage Private Investigator series. As I haven’t read the preceding two titles, I felt Courage Resurrected held its own as a stand-alone tale where a thousand thrills a second does not even begin to cover its tenacity and enjoyment.

Our protagonist, Ray Courage, had a devastating loss over a decade ago where his beloved wife, Pam, perished in an awful automobile accident. Right when Ray thought he had come to terms with his wife’s tragic death, he begins to receive cryptic emails from a person claiming to be Pam – and they’re not of the “I miss you, come rescue me” variety. Instead, they accuse Ray of attempting to killer her and to warn him that her exact revenge is all but imminent. Naturally, Ray embarks on a mission to find said sender of the emails, along the way obtaining the help of Carla Thurber, iron-faced police detective who wastes no time in suspecting Ray in murdering his wife instead of helping a grieving husband to search for his presumably still alive dead wife.


As such, Ray goes rogue in a sense to find out what really went on with his wife’s death, all along the way having to put his hope that she is indeed alive aside to seek the truth.

Ray himself is a believable character. He’s just the right amount of stoic and vulnerable, creating a character portrait of believability and emotional investment. He still has lingering feelings of guilt surrounding Pam’s death considering the argument they had before she embarked on what would be her final car ride. Mackey depicts a portrayal of one man’s hopeful redemption of not being able to say goodbye to his dear wife so finely that the reader finds themselves rooting for him as he uncovers the layers of truths that accompany his wife’s death and false accusal in his involvement.


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