A Review of K.P Smith’s “Kendra’s Diaries: Growing Pains Book One”

Book Reviews
Who doesn’t love a good coming of age book set in the 80’s? Throw in an author’s ability to properly document the multitude of emotions going through an 8th graders mind at any given moment and you’ve got a winner.  The first in her Growing Pains series, Kendra’s Diaries by K.P. Smith is an exercise is fun and nostalgia, with a tinge of comedy that makes for a entertaining read.
Kendra's Diaries

Told in first person, Kendra’s Diaries is just that. It’s a personal exposition of one particular teen’s experiences. However, Smith is sure to not let the reader feel as though they are violating the privacy of the young narrator. Instead, its a chance for Kendra herself to share her feelings and emotions and decompress after the harrowing experiences that can certainly comprise early teenaged life.

In the same vein of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret”, Kendra’s Diaries depicts one girls journey to adulthood. Replete with family dysfunction, social awkwardness and a veritable rollercoaster of emotions, the book maintains the readers interest as it moves along at a pleasant clip. What I liked most about Kendra’s Diaries is the author’s restraint. She does not sensationalize the teenage experience, nor does she heap on the melodrama that is often characteristic of young adult fiction these days. Instead she presents a realistic, succinct and active participation with life that has its fair share of heartbreak and happiness.


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