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Splatter shirt £40 Splatter shirt £40

Since it was officially announced back in June that Nick Grimshaw was to have his own collection for Topman, people have wondered what it would be like; mainly how much it would be like influenced by wunderkind Harry Styles.

Jacket £100 Jacket £100

Well, as it turns out, not that much. The first official pictures have been released and it seems that Grimshaw has taken influence from the sartorial melting pot that is his adopted hometown of London and distilled it for those who are interested.

Jacket £200, and jeans £30 Jacket £200, and jeans £30

At first glance, it seems a bit pellmell, with clashing patterns and textures being styled as Topman styles best: skinniest of jeans with trendy rips and the tried and tested ruffian silhouette.

Coat £150, jumper £50, and jeans £30 Coat £150, jumper £50, and jeans £30

Stand out pieces are definitely the fringed jacket, indicative of the 70s trend that’s big for AW15, the leopard…

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