A Review of Kesia Alexandra’s “It Ain’t Easy”

Book Reviews

Short story collections can either be an exercise in frustration or illuminating in its depiction of life and various subject matters. Fortunately, Kesia Alexander’s “It Ain’t Easy” falls into the latter category with spectacular results.

The stories that comprise Alexandra’s book are at once raw and beautiful. Alexandra is not afraid to tell a story that holds no punches when detailing what it was like growing up in Washington, DC. Instead of focusing on the historical monuments that have come to identify the city, Alexandra has chosen to tell stories of self-discovery, race relations, and sheer honesty. From childhood interactions from different social classes to the highly privileged, Alexandra’s prosaic talents and capacity as a true storyteller transcends the page.

It Ain't Easy

With well-rounded characters who have clear motivations, It Ain’t Easy collectively is a reminder that what makes us all different is what makes us all the same. Emotion, happenstance and feeling is not relegated to one type of person or another. In fact, for a person so young, Alexandra touches upon the notion that it is the human condition that unites us all, regardless of one’s current situation.


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