A Review Of “Practical Positive Psychology” by J. Kaye

Book Reviews

Always having been a believer in the powers of positive thinking, I was very happy to receive a book review request for the succinct and concise Practical Positive Psychology by J. Kaye. Void of the often fluffy and unnecessary overly verbose writings that comprise a lot of today’s psychology books, Kaye’s Positive Psychology provides an exercise book of sorts for the reader who wants to harness their positive thoughts in hopes of achieving something tangible that is desirable.

Neatly packed into a mere 6 key points that effectively summarize the books accessible ideas and practices, Positive Psychology is a riveting and easily applicable work that can be utilized by anyone. Kaye’s clear language helps the reader to focus and guide their thoughts, clarifying their own true motivations all along the way, to help understand what their true intentions are and why they crave what they want.


Of particular interest to me was Point 4: How to Keep Motivated in the Present. It’s always a challenge to not fall into the negative thoughts that pop up in our minds as we travel through life’s terrain. The key is to understand that roadblocks are just that – temporary obstacles that we must recognize as the hindrances they are. Once this recognition occurs, positivity once again takes over with a vengeance.

The author uses much relevant teachings of those who have successfully used positive thinking to enjoy life to its fullest potential. Neatly presented and void of pretension, Practical Positive Psychology is a riveting read.


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