A Review of Simon Williams’ “Torn”

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I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a book called “Torn: The Story of an Undeserving Wallaby Drowning in a Septic Tank.” I knew what a wallaby was, and I know a bit about Australia, but nothing prepared me for Simon Williams’ charming and heart-wrenching tale of tragedy and hope.

Written in a sort of stream of consciousness type style, Simon Williams tells a story that is not only true, but extremely insightful. There are equal parts humor and sadness, but Williams manages to tie in all of his seemingly random thought processes into one cohesive whole memoir.


Williams details his move from the land down under to the US to work. These experiences are highlighted with wit and endearing banter. Contrary to these light, comical experiences is the author’s terrible experience of the abduction of his son in Brazil. It is this contrast between life’s literal highest highs and lowest lows that Williams shines as an author. He richly describes the events that befall him in a non-victim kind of way. He acknowledges that life is unfair, and if humor is not a part of your daily regime, a living existence could be fatal.

As you know, I enjoy books where I learn something new about life, be it fictional or based on real events. In Torn, Simon Williams captivated my attention with ever single Australian-laden word and turn of phrase.


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