A Review of Tony McAndrew’s “The Delivery Girl”

Book Reviews

Tony McAndrew’s The Delivery Girl is dark and gritty. The authors voice is true and urgent, using atmospheric scenery and intense imagery to evoke the unfortunate life that Anna Ramonova, said delivery girl, must endure on a daily basis. She must suffer at the hands of all of those around her, ranging from abuses of all kind. Her world is does not appear to have a shred of hope. Instead, she becomes immersed in the drugs and alcohol surround her.

The Delivery Girl

But, right before all hope is not gone forever, someone enters Anna’s life and helps her to understand that her fate is not resigned to sadness and dismay. Instead, Anna learns that life does not need to be full of strife in order to exist. Despite his propensity for violence, McAndrew’s The Delivery Girl is ultimately a tale of redemption and faith. His prose may be unsettling at times but it paints a perfect character portrait of the less-represented protagonists that comprise so much popular fiction. He manages to put love in the all but broken heart of Anna Romanova who did not ask life to as cruel to her as it was, making The Delivery Girl important in both morals and optimism.


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