A Review of Craig A. Hart’s “Becoming Moon”

Book Reviews

Oh, the life of a writer. Forced to live with the ever-present plethora of words that are just aching to be released on paper, ideas that spin around with the hope of being born into becoming a great piece of art. It’s an exhausting career to undertake, both a blessing and a curse. In Craig A. Hart’s ethereal Becoming Moon, he not only presents a character study of a talented writer, but also successfully provides a commentary on the dangers of over-parenting and over-planning one’s journey.

Becoming Moon

It’s a simple story, really, but an extremely profound analysis of personal motivations and understanding one’s truths. The protagonist in Becoming Moon is complicated, resentful and real. Like every other writer, our protagonist wants to essentially create a timeless piece of art, but as we all know, the creation of art comes from a place that is sacred and rare, and cannot be forced. With a clear dislike for the concept of ghost-writing, Hart uses this plot point as a catalyst for our hero to confront the issues of his past before he becomes the man he wants to be.

There are more conflicts and plot points in Hart’s novel  that the reader might find familiar (The Words, a film starring Bradley Cooper comes to mind).  However, Hart manages to inject more life and vigour to a character who ultimately only wishes to be a true artist but life, as it tends to do, gets in the way.


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