A Review of “Seeking Wanda” By Ken Grissom

Book Reviews

Fitting into my ever-increasing arsenal of books read that are literally genre mash-ups, Seeking Wanda by Ken Grissom is a quick-paced, entertaining thriller. Set in 1997 (with khaki pants and peasant shirts abound, I bet), the story finds Robert, a private investigator, embarking on a rather uninteresting car insurance case. However, it quickly comes to light that a murder case is truly what’s happened, immersing Robert in situations he never thought he would find himself within.


I’m not exactly sure as to why Ken Grissom decided to set his novel in 1997, but its a moot point. Seeking Wanda isn’t written in a way that criticizes modern technology or current methods of investigation. Instead, it adds deeper levels to the character portrait of Robert and his intentions.

There’s an overarching theme in Seeking Wanda about the importance of love and its importance in the human condition.  The wide variety of settings and situations makes the novel an interesting play between genre conventions and subversions, making Seeking Wanda not only a thriller, but a conversation between the reader and the author.



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