Reviewing “The Shakespeare Conspiracy” by Jeffrey McQuain

Book Reviews

Written by a Shakespeare expert, The Shakespeare Conspiracy is a treatise on the importance of proper timing in a novel. Written by Jeffrey McQuain, the novel is not inaccessible or pretentious. In fact, it successfully manages to educate the reader on Shakespeare’s mastery of storytelling within the integration of a true thriller.


The protagonist here is Christopher Klewe, who has the unfortunate catalyst of his friend being murdered that allows him to discover what has been lurking around him for over 400 years. Klewe decides to help investigate his friends murder, taking the reader on a journey that ultimately results in the resolution of a truly strange mystery.

What’s fascinating is that it is Shakepeare’s own words that act as anagrams that help Klewe find the truth about his friend murder. It’s a history lesson and a literary lesson all in one. The story itself is well paced and clearly well researched, and will be gobbled right up by the flair for elegant prose and exquisite plotting. Cinematic in its presentation, The Shakespeare Conspiracy will be thoroughly enjoyed by those who adore The Da Vinci Code.



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