A Look At “Unclog Your Happiness: A Practical Guide to Living Blissfully”

Book Reviews

Written by David J. Ring III, “Unclog Your Happiness: A Practical Guide to Living Blisfully” is an uplifting, useful aide in obtaining an optimal life. He brilliantly touches upon the universal search that we are all constantly on – to be happy.

Unclog Your Happiness_680-300

But what defines happiness? The term is as subjective as it is seemingly unattainable. While we can all agree we are looking for it, we all disagree on what ‘it’ actually is. The author takes this omnipresent journey and relegates to simplistic terms and tangible goals. Our thoughts constitute our states of happiness or, more commonly, unhappiness. But what if there was a way to harness and manipulate these thoughts to help us attain what we thought we always wanted?

Ring delves into this concept that other masterminds have already touched upon in their seminal works, most notably Eckhart Tolle and his (and one of my all time favorites) “A New Earth”.  While Tolle tackles the theory of ‘no thoughts’, Ring focuses more on how to get to that state.

What follows in the enthralling read are some practical exercises and self-guided meditations that will help quite the voice in our head, opening up our mind to that state of utter bliss that governs most of our lives. As you participate on these exercises, you’ll find your mind going to places it hasn’t been to in a long, long time. Some of these places are uncomfortable but ultimately integral to finding a state of presence. Ring’s words rang true for me on many levels, allowing me to truly apply the book to my real life. A high recommendation for this book for all lovers of enlightenment and self-searching.



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