Dressing Up Perry Martin’s ” “The Man In The White Suit”

Book Reviews

Fresh, gripping and timely, Perry Martin’s “The Man In The White Suit” is the perfect post-modern novel. With its delicate handling of themes such as isolation, regret, and realization, the novel stands on its own as an interesting read.


The story is not the strongest component of the novel. Martin’s words tell the story of an average man named Carl Becker. Becker is the every day person: set in routines, set in a bitter consternation, and seemingly in control of his life. When the titular Man in the White Suit pops up into his life, Becker is given the opportunity to revisit some of his not so memorable parts of his life and change the outcome of his biggest regrets. It’s like The Christmas Carol in reverse, minus the pesky midnight visitors.

Martin’s prose is comfortable and calming. He successfully depicts a wide array of situations and environments with the master stroke of a pastoral painting. However, beyond the relative tranquility of his words lies a commentary on the haunting powers of regret.



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