Nine-Tenths of the Law (Nine Lives Series Book 1) by Glenn Mitchell

Book Reviews

Aren’t all the best plot twists a result of bad timing? They sure are for Ben Ricci in Nine-Tenths of the Law ((Nine Lives Series Book 1). In his novel, author Glenn Mitchell creates a lead character that is damaged, sordid, and just a tad bit unlucky. But you know what? Ben’s totally likable, for what that’s worth.


Glenn Mitchell’s prosaic style is atmospheric and melodic in nature. He presents a dark, menacing but redemptive world that is literally pulsating with its own maniacal heartbeat. Ben Ricci, the aforementioned lead character, is a very logical person. Everything has a purpose and an explanation, which is why his head is spun when he is thrust into a world where alibis, motives, and testimonies are as untrustworthy as his previous beliefs.

The novel moves along at an exciting pace without too much focus paid on unimportant necessary characters or loose ended plot points. Instead, most of the attention is paid on the dynamic character of Ben and his emancipation from all that he’s ever known. Mitchell has lofty ambitions in his writing, and luckily for the reader, they are realized in this book.



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