Sweet “Voice of Innocence” By Lindsay Detwiler

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What exactly is a love story if not a sordid saga of tumult, exultation, and longing? In the saccharine-lite “Voice of Innocence” author Lindsay Detwiler chronicles the oft-rugged terrain of first love.


The story is one of true love and devotion above all else. However, intertwined with the outpouring of one of life’s truest emotions is a story that is at once both modern and timeless. Emma and Corbin are the lovestruck couple here, and not without their own set of problems. Corbin is convicted of a murder he didn’t commit and finds himself not only in prison, but torn apart from his one true love.

Naturally, with him being locked away and ostracized from society, Emma finds herself having to live a life that is Corbin-free. She misses her betrothed heavily, however, she manages to forge a life for herself that is independent.  Faced with Corbin’s release from jail, she and him must question the boundaries of their love, and if it still exists at all.

Don’t worry – Detwiler doesn’t pile on the schmaltz when dissecting the power of first loves and its inevitable impact on the rest of our lives. It’s an interesting take on what defines the state of contentment that we are so conditioned to crave and actively search for.



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