You’re Just Like a Movie: My Fave Films of 2015

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I tend to shy away from ranking anything. When you assign a number to something, it implies a place on an imaginary hierarchy, automatically becoming contrived and unimportant. That is why when  I’m highlighting some of my favourite films of 2015 they will be in absolutely no order. So just because I write about Carol first doesn’t mean it was my absolute fave…


There are cheekbones for days in Todd Haynes’ ethereal Carol. It’s a bit of a love story, but more of a human story. It chronicles the intracies of a controversial love with hues of yellow and brown that evokes emotions you never thought you had. Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett are so committed to their roles that it’s hard to remember that they are actors in a movie because the veracity of their performances are THAT good.


Welcome to Me

Trust me – there will come a time when the name Kristen Wiig and ‘Academy Award winner’ will go hand in hand. Wiig is a revelation in Welcome to Me – a film that borders more on the truancy of adulthood then a piece on borderline personality disorder. It’s funny but you’re not laughing at Wiig – you’re giggling because you understand that depicting mental instability doesn’t have to be such a downer.


Mistress America

Not terribly different than Welcome to Me, Mistress America is a cerebral take on the delusions of grandeur that encompass youth. Greta Gerwig is as lovable and articulate as ever in her portrayal of a girl who bounces from dream to dream as the film moves from scene to scene. It’s charming and sweet, but not so much so that the eyes are rolling. It’s a statement piece with the resounding message that Gerwig can carry a film all by herself.


The Age of Adaline

So i really, really like Blake Lively, and not for the obvious reasons (that hair, that mole). I find her understated and underrated. In the nostalgic The Age of Adaline, Lively portrays a woman who doesn’t age, allowing the filmmakers to depict her in styling unseen in many years. The movie is formulaic but solid, with supporting characters that are committed to their roles and to the story of overarching love and hope.



For those of you who follow us on Reading Other People, then you know of our love for the Amy Winehouse doc Amy. Check out my post on that film later if you’d like. It’s a tour-de-force of de-facto filmmaking that still triggers emotions months after having seen it.




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