Checking out “Celluloid” By Holly Curtis

Book Reviews, Rave!

We all know a Jimmy Clifford. In “Celluloid” by Holly Curtis, Jimmy Clifford is a film enthusiast with a strong moral compass. When you pair a tale of justice with the medium of movies, you can not help but get a strong story of emotion, investment, and nostalgia.


Holly Curtis handles this tale of one man’s personal mission to save his local indie cinema from a condo takeover with ease and precision. Jimmy Clifford is like an older kid, something most common among the coveted 18-49 demographic. He owns a shop chock full of film memorabilia, and is supported by characters such as his best friend and a drug dealer who specializes in the hot drug du jour.

Jimmy is personally affected by the news of a condo to be built in place of his revered “Crypt” – said movie theatre. He takes it upon himself to stage a cabaret night to raise awareness of the situation, and to raise money to stop the takeover.

What ensues is a hilarious story of pop culture, a certain coming of age, and a quest to find entertainment to make the cabaret a bonafide hit. It’s a rather unique and interesting tale of the little things that can trigger the resolution in a person long thought dormant, and a pleasure to read.



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