Some Thoughts on “Skeleton Run” By John L. DeBoer

Book Reviews

A thriller full of intrigue and emotion, Skeleton Run by John L. DeBoer is riveting from start to finish.


As with many popular thrillers, the plot of Skeleton Run deals with the handling of a secret involving reckless teens and the power the hiding of said secret holds over them as they navigate through life. Unfortunately for the four boys in the book, someone finds out about their little secret and begins to blackmail them.

The kicker is, one of these boys is now Alan Granger, the man. A governor with White House aspirations, he is possibly most affected by this blackmailing. What follows is a tale of suspense of the propensity of keeping secrets and the underpinnings of sometimes shady politics. The author has crafted a great story that is at once insightful and entertaining. Check it out!



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