Thoughts on “The Serenity Stone Murder” by Marianne Jones

Book Reviews

Like a softened version of Thelma & Louise: The Canadian Version, “The Serenity Stone Murder” fits like a favorite sweater on a cold winter afternoon. Sure, there’s murder in the plot (hence the title), but the book acts as a read with comfortable, non-pretentious prose, and a clever representation of an old friendship that is instantly relatable.


The story is set in the seemingly picturesque city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The author, Marianne Jones’ talent at depicting nature and environment as both representative of character psyches and foreshadowing tools are top notch. Impressive.

It’s a funny book, but it’s also a very telling one. The dynamics of an aged friendship is on fully display, replete with mini-arguments and nuances galore. When a murder is thrown into the plot, friends Margaret and Louise find themselves immersed in the resolution of the abhorrent crime. They bust out their sleuthing skills in hope of making their vacation one to remember.

It’s a charming book, no doubt. Author Marianne Jones clearly spent much time and effort to depict a beautiful city and a unique friendship, and when married with a crime, her storytelling skills are on full display. Bravo.


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