She Nailed It: Thoughts on “Nail It…” by Shonette Charles

Book Reviews

Now this is a book you gotta check out.

Refreshing, unique, and wholly inventive, “Nail It: Breaking Into The Black Elite” is one excellent read. Unlike anything I’ve read in quite a while, author Shonette Charles has created characters that are not only completely fully fleshed out, but extremely realistic and likeable.


The worlds of Sahara and Noah Kyle are completely consumed by the goals of entering the upper echelon of the ‘Black Elite’ – hence the title of the book. Underpinning their move to North Carolina is a the quest for acceptance into the vast labryinth of social circles that exist, such as the Sphinx, Darlings, and The Shield.

This vast world of exclusivity allows Sahara and Noah to up their social game. Their wish of inclusion is soon fraught with their own sets of challenges. While Noah quickly and easily becomes immersed in this superficial world, Sahara has a visibly more difficult time. Alongside their personal goals, both Kyles’ meet many interesting and unique characters, some of which help them along their way, and some of whom add a whole new meaning to sneaky.

It’s a captivating read, with twists and turns that take the reader from the obvious goals of social acceptance to the more underlying themes of findings one’s way in life.



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