Checking Out “Windfall” By Brian Lutterman

Book Reviews
A nicely written and taut book, “Windfall” would be a welcome addition to any library for fans of corporate thrillers. The novel finds the atypical heroine Pen Wilkinson intending to prosecute a shady businessman. However, as the trial begins, Pen experiences some truly awful events that bring to her awareness the true nature of the justice system that she is actively participating in.
Commencing with the sudden disappearance of her star witness, Pen goes on a wild pursuit to find them. Along the way, she comes across some unsavoury characters that shed light on the crime that is happening behind the crime, so to speak. Pen’s eyes are opened to the true extent of of her targeted congressman.
What makes “Windfall” so interesting is having a disabled protagonist at its core. Pen Wilkinson’s character does not use her disability as a crutch – instead, the reader forgets that there are any hindrances to her accessibility or ability to reign successful by book’s end. It’s a well written piece which provides more of a background and development of its characters than the usual common fare political/courtroom thrillers that are always so popular. It’s a fun read.

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