Warming Up to L.D. Beyers’ “In Sheep’s Clothing”

Book Reviews

Full of authentic thrills and clever word play, L.D. Beyers’ “In Sheep’s Clothing” is master storytelling. It takes a thriller and upends it, reverses it, and then lets it settle while the reader is trying to wrap their minds around what exactly is happening.


Moving at lightning speed, the plot of the novel has one very strong-willed President who will do anything to save the country. New to the White House, President Kendall quickly learns that what goes on in the oval office does not necessarily stay in the oval office. He also soon learns that the walls have ears and nothing is as it appears to be.

Thrown into these stark revelations, the author introduces the downtrodden but resourceful Secret Agent Matthew Richter. With his own set of baggage, including a very extensive knowledge of White House operations, he partners up with the President to literally try and save the day.

Crisp and clear, Beyers’ prose is elegant and forthcoming. Details are pertinent and storylines are all relevant by the book’s end. I appreciated the lack of red herrings because I feel if you have a strong plot, then you don’t need to throw off the whiff of the reader. “In Sheep’s Clothing” is an exercise in talent and patience.


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