Reading “Montmartre Stairs: A Paris Love Story” By Douglas Warren

Book Reviews

It’s a love story. It’s a ghost story. It’s a life story. It’s a happy story. But they’re all really one in the same, aren’t they?


Douglas Warren’s romantic “Montmartre Stairs: A Paris Love Story” is a genuinely written piece about love and all of the insane dynamics behind it. The story finds the instantly likeable and realistic Michelle, who encounters a stumble down a flight of stairs only to be rescued by the enchanting John. OK – this might not be groundbreaking plot development, but it’s purpose as catalyst to the following love story is effective and purely functional.

Smitten, the two embark on a journey of the realization of love and, to a certain extent, fate. Several obstacles are thrown their way, from John having to return to London for work, and Michelle an upcoming theatre star in Paris. While John has some things he needs to straighten out back in his London life which includes some truly vile parents, Michelle immerses herself completely into her newfound theatre life.

What unfolds is surprising. John’s epic battle with his parents allows him to embrace the more creative, innovative part of himself as presented through his new friendships with Michelle’s zany theatre friends. It’s not only his relationship with the love of his life that is presented in the book, but also his journey towards understanding who he really is. Yeah sure, there’s romance and love, but there’s also some truths about how the concept of love is really just a step on the ladder towards self-enlightenment.




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