Tart Apple: Some Thoughts on “Written On The Apple Tree”

Book Reviews

The short story “Written On The Apple Tree” is short but resonant. Capping out at a mere 4000 words, the author, Ann Girdharry, feels ethereal and magical. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a light read as that label implies that there isn’t much substance, but it won’t weigh you down either with tumult or angst.


There’s a little bit of time travel action, a little bit of love story. There’s clever, wispy dialogue, and a pace that is comforting and pleasant. Girdharry manages to depict a relationship that is unique at the very core, presenting facts and situations to the reader where the reader becomes invested in the well being of these two major characters.

It’s all very good. There are bigger, deeper questions that shimmer on each page, ranging from the impact of long-ago decisions to the power of suggestion. Either way you look at it, Girdharry is a bright writer, and I’m eager to read what’s next of her sleeve.



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