Checking out “Last Bastards Standing” By Kaya Sienna Cassedy

Book Reviews

Now, this book is a tough one to review for many reasons. The first reason being that the main character is a self-proclaimed “bastard”. Sal Bruce, said character, fully embraces the label. She’s brash and honest. This is where the review challenges begin.


You can be brash and honest, but not necessarily a ‘bastard’. It’s a peeve of mine that purveyors of truth are often deemed as insensitive or mean. Granted, if said truth is not prompted or asked, then one should keep it to themselves, but if you’re asking for an honest opinion on something, then you have to be open-minded enough to take what you’re asking for. Sounds simple, but trust me, it’s the reason for many a failed relationship.

Back to the book…Sal Bruce has a clearly overactive mind where the judgment of others takes a lot of her time. For those of you reading this, don’t pretend that judgements don’t take up a lot of your mind either.  So what’s refreshing about “Last Bastards Standing” is the complete enthrallments of the depiction of a motley crue of characters who live lives that are strikingly different from the butterfly and rainbow worlds depicted in much of popular fiction.

“Last Bastards Standing” is sort of study into the ensnarements of the esoteric mind. It’s taut and clear, and, above else, honest.



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