Reading the Sweet “The Pool Boy’s Beatitude” by DJ Swykert

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The pursuit of higher education can be perceived as an accurate treatise on the human psyche. The lofty ambitions that accompany the designations that only higher learning can provide sometimes act as a shield towards having to live life and be subject to experiences that one just cannot get from books.


In “The Pool Boy’s Beatitude” by DJ Swykert, we have such a character. Jack Joseph is so smart that his grasp of physics is second to none. But with such incredible intelligence comes the relentless burden of a loud mind. This loud mind is one that many people can relate to, with its incessant over-rationalization of things that often have no meaning at all.

And like many of those over-educated, Jack finds himself to be employed in a field totally unrelated to his educational background. In this case, he’s working as  a pool boy to the rich and famous, which has its own set of physics to learn. He’s got his own set of complicated relationships, and this his own set of personal demons, but onwards he pushes through the terrain of the glamorous and the inferior brained.

The author has interestingly created a novel with not only an extremely realistic main characters, but a study on the pursuit of affirmations that sometimes just do not exist. It’s a focussed piece that does not get lost in overly verbose descriptions of the rich. Instead, there’s a tightness on the intellect of the one Jack Joseph as he navigates life with the burden of extreme brightness and the limitations of life choices.



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