A Quick Peruse of “Anemogram” by Rebecca Gransden

Book Reviews

It’s a thriller. It’s an expose on lost innocence. It’s also a finely written piece that brings a level of the extraordinary to the ordinariness of a simple life, depending on how to define ‘simple’.


In richly detailed “Anemogram” by british author Rebecca Gransden demonstrates a natural knack for presenting the story of a seemingly lost girl holding a powerful secret. In the novel, a young girl literally emerges out of the woods and enters a world of convention and modern society. She meets David, a man with his own set of personal demons, and they begin a relationship that is, well, if you read this book, you’ll quickly find out.

It’s the blossoming relationship that is a roller coaster ride for the reader. Gransden subverts many popular ideologies in the process, showcasing her talent at prose, as well as creating situations that though familiar, have an edge to them.

It’s a bit Lynchian at times. There are many themes lurking beneath the surface of a standard fictional novel, with the reader being able to identify them depending on their own personal experiences in life. After the final word is read, the lingering feelings continue with the reader, creating an experience of ambiguity and interest.



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