Unbroken: Looking at “Who Broke The Girl?” by Christina Costantino

Book Reviews

A memoir by definition, “Who Broke The Girl?” is more of a rhetorical question more than anything. Written by New Yorker Christina Costantino, the novel is a ethereal recounting of one woman’s life in one particular set of circumstances.


It’s lyrical and simple. It is the simplicity of her words that make the book resonant.  The shared stories and experiences of the author as she navigates through life  across as a song. The melody gets in your head like an earworm, except the lyrics aren’t superficial. Instead, they are emotions conveyed through the medium of humanity.

Resilience is a skill we all want, and, to a certain extent, require to live a long and happy life. “Who Broke The Girl?” gives a personal edge to some life lessons that can apply to anyone’s life, without placing the blame on everyone else but one’s self.



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