Casual Friday: Updated Comfort Clothing

Random Musings

The Journey 21


  1. Jacket – Bottega Veneta
  2. Tee Shirt – Marc Jacobs
  3. Track Pants – Paul Smith
  4. Trainers – Valentino
  5. Sunnies – Valentino

What’s nice about this look is that it pulls pieces that most men readily have available in their wardrobes. A t-shirt, and a pair of joggers are both familiar and fairly non intimidating.. in fact most of us cling to them and these pieces have become our “comfort clothing.” The key to making these “comfort clothes” look more polished and put-together (aka socially acceptable lol) comes down to two main factors: cut, and details.

You always want the cut of your clothes to be tailored and fitted well to your body type. I can’t stress this notion enough. You can go to the gym six days a week eat healthy around the clock and get them gains like your homeboy Popeye, BUT if you wear non-fitted baggy clothes no one is going to be able to see the hard work you…

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