Dog Man Star: Suede (1994)

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Dog_man_starNote: this part of the Britpop Album Showdown series.

In many ways, Suede somehow fell through the cracks in the Britpop era. Perhaps the most artistically ambitious of the major players, they helped define the sound and attitude of the era and then fell apart at the height of their success, leaving them to toil in the shadows of the others who gladly ran through the door they’d helped to kick down.

Frontman Brett Anderson knowingly played with sexual ambiguity in a way that few artists aside from Bowie and Morrissey had successfully carried off. Indeed, to some degree this perhaps helped to overshadow the band’s musical achievements – the charge of being Bowie copyists or Morrissey wannabes was something they struggled to shake off, even as they settled in for a moderately long career with a changing lineup.

Their eponymous debut album had been greeted with laudatory acclamation by a British…

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