Joseph Ferguson’s “Southbound”

Book Reviews

Everyone knows a “Basement Man”. You know that guy who always seems to be doing something crazy and unpredictable, be it being day drunk in the local bar to waxing on the state of philosophy. Sometimes we avoid him, sometimes we embrace him.


In Joseph Ferguson’s short story collection “Southbound”, one such “Basement Man” is written about. His zany situations are documented with precision and panache, clear signs that the author is adept at the written word. Ferguson ensures that he does not create one-dimensional characters or wooden dialogue. Instead, each short story comprising “Southbound” is almost like an insight into one person’s plot in life and their colorful approach to life without subscribing to any prevalent formulas encompassing modern literature today.


“Southbound” is edgy and unsettling at times, but it’s also quite riveting. The reader is along for the ride of life that belongs to one “Basement Man”, whether he likes or not. We are not judging him, and he is surely not judging us because he’s just trying to get by.



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