More and More Gilmore Girls

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In preparation of the upcoming Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, I’ve undertaken the daunting task of watching the entire series from beginning to end. Unlike so many of my friends who watched the show when it first aired back in the early 2000’s, I stayed away from it. It wasn’t necessarily that I didn’t enjoy the immensely talented Lauren Graham or doe-eyed Alexis Bledel, it was just more of a “didn’t have the time to see it” type deal. So when I heard of the stand-alone 4-episode revival last year, I thought now was the perfect time to see for myself what all the buzz was about.Gilmore-Girls-gilmore-girls-336905_1024_768

Now I haven’t seen the entire series yet, in fact, I’m just finishing up Season 2. There are 153 episodes, so with the right scheduling and  strategic decline of certain social engagement, I just might be all caught up when the redux premieres this fall. Here’s hoping.

All I really knew about the show was that the dialogue between said Gilmore Girls moved at a breakneck speed and that there was lots and lots of drama. BUT the drama was not that cheesy “Dawson’s Creek/Melrose Place” kind. So that’s all I was really expecting when I first began watching the series featuring a single mom and her bright daughter. True the dialogue could be fatiguing (if I didn’t put the closed captioning on, I might have missed much of the many pop cultural references), but the relationships being presented are incredibly honest and endearing.


Stars’ Hollow, the town in which the show takes place, is like that perfect Edward Hopper painting minus all the depressive subtext. It’s picturesque and incredibly quaint, and unreal in that tv town kind of way, but it fits perfectly in the life and times of this community.  There’s a grocery store where Rory meets her firsts boyfriend, and Luke’s Diner where Lorelai and Rory drink copious amounts of coffee and seemingly eating a diet of cheeseburgers and pancakes. As a viewer, I not once thought about the artificiality of the town’s presentation, in fact, I thought how clever the show’s creators were in presenting a fictitious location that didn’t make me roll my eyes with its coziness and cuteness.

Onto the characters…I’m not writing this article to give you a summary of the show (you can do that on your own), but instead, just want to share some of my thoughts on this unique representation of a relationship between a young mom and her mature daughter. It’s a refreshing take on how one woman decided to eschew her family wealth and to raise her daughter on her own terms. Much to the chagrin of her own mother (an AMAZING Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore), Lorelai decided to take hold of her own life and attempt to raise a daughter that has turned out mature and smart, and at times, more sensible than Lorelai herself. It’s a gutsy move, one in which pays off in spades. I say that because the show doesn’t dwell on Lorelai preaching about how she did things on her own terms, nor on how hard it clearly is to be a single mother. Instead, there’s a clear focus on the necessary communication that needs to happen in order for a mother and daughter to understand each other, and to ultimately, be each other’s friends.


Everyone is just so nice on the GG’s, and even the arrival of bad boy Jess is likable in his sarcastic, broody ways. And did I mention the guest stars? Umm, Aunt Viv? Alex Borstein? Madchen Amick? CAROLE KING? And this is all just before I commence Season 3.

I’ll post another article once I’ve finished the entire series, but until then, I’m very impressed at what I’m seeing. The show feels like the fall where all of the leaves are turning into lovely shades of brown, and you’re wearing your favorite sweater and drinking a warm cup of whatever and you’re just content. Lord knows we need more shows that make us feel that way.






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