It’s Too Darn Hot: All Day Drag 2016

Live Events, Things to Look Forward To

I love the summer, I really do. But you know what I like about the scorching heat? That heat that makes you feel like you just opened the oven door after an afternoon of marathon baking?  Well, I like the option of stepping into nice, cool air conditioned facilities whenever I want. I’m not a brute. I’ll walk all the way up to five minutes in order to receive said cooled environment.


SO when I heard that Pride Toronto was having an all-day drag event on July 2nd, 2016 to celebrate the festivities, I thought “Wow – what a great idea! I would love to see some of Rupaul’s Drag Race best contestants entertain me in their elaborate outfits and immaculate make up.” I said those words exactly. That was until I found out the event was going to be OUTDOORS. Yes, you read that right. No respite from the sure-to-be extreme heat that Toronto loves to throw up in the dead of summer.

I’m torn if I will be going or not. It’s free, which is really quite awesome. And it’s close by to my house, which is air conditioned to the Gods. I guess I could decide the day of. We shall see. That’s the beauty of living right downtown.

In the meanwhile, don’t let my primadonna ways deter you from checking out the amazing line up. The ravishing Ben Delacreme will be there, and the gorgeous Alyssa Edwards. And Lady Bunny. And Bianca Del Rio…and, well, just click on the link already.

Drag ON!




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